“Never have i ever been to a vet who was more willing to help my pet than here. They love your pets like you do. I had a small kitten who got very sick very quickly. Dr. Kara not only treated my baby but she went above and beyond. She took him home with her, watched him, sent me photos and videos and updates. I was ready to put him down because the emergency vet told me he wouldnt make it. But Dr. Kara told me she wanted to try. He is home now and although he isnt completely out of the woods, he is happy and acting 1000% better. She saved my tiny little babies life. I will never go to another vet. Thanks to her and her amazing staff, my kids have there kitty.”
Courtney D.

“I can’t explain just how thankful I am for Dr Kara and her staff. They are not only extremely friendly but Dr Kara Is amazing. I went to her for a 2nd opinion for our crazy sweet spaniel. He had an ear infection for over a year and other vets just didn’t help or listen. She did and now he is on the road to recovery and feeling soooo much better. If you are looking for a great vet who will show your pet the love and care it needs this is the place to go!!!”
Kristy Lynn B.

“Wonderful facility! The staff is extremely affectionate towards my dogs and treat them with the upmost care. They are very attentive to our needs and always see us right away. I’ve never had to wait more than 5 minutes to be taken care of. Also, their prices are significantly lower than other vets in the area. The employees form a personal relationship with the animals and constantly check in to make sure they are doing well. Thomas and Marci love going to visit their buddies at the Loudon County Animal Hospital!”
Erin C.

“We LOVE Dr. Kara!!! She takes care of our boys even when the are cranky (especially Harrison). I trust her implicitly with my pets. She is the best!!”
Emily S.