Our Services

Well Pet Care

We work with you to provide your pets annual preventive care needs. In addition, we can make recommendations to help maintain your pet’s health and longevity.

Cost Saving Preventive Care Packages

We provide packages with a full range of well pet care, free exams for a year, vaccines at a cost savings, routine testing, discounts on other preventive services, and free interstate health certificates. As well as handy Pet Health ID Cards.

vetscene pet id

Day time Emergencies

Whether an illness or injury, we will provide the best care possible for your pet during this difficult time.

Dental Cleaning

Dental care is as important for your pet as it is for you. Not only do healthy teeth keep your pet more comfortable, prevent bad breath, but can also prevent life threatening systemic illnesses. We are even equipped with the ability to perform dental radiographic imagine to evaluate the integrity or questionable teeth.

Routine Surgeries

Spays, neuters, declaws, as well as other routine and emergency soft tissue surgeries are provided at reasonable rates.

Hygiene and Bathing

Bathing and trim services, including: nails, ear hair removal, sanitary trims, baths, medical baths, and nail dremeling.

Medical and Routine Boarding

Health Certificates

Interstate and International with appointment.